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Gifting men can be a real hustle because there are not many products out there for men. But you definitely want him to feel loved and special, so here are some gifting options sorted for modern men.


  1. Suit

What can be a better gift for a gentleman than a well-tailored suit? Although it is expensive, you know it is an investment. Suits look so classy and are a very useful option. Every time he wears it to work, he will remember you. 


  1. Watches

This comes under every man’s essentials. A watch is something which will stay close to him and there are multiple choices you get. Get to know which kind they like the most. 


  1. Grooming kits

Now, who doesn’t love a little pamper session on their special day? Men deserve as much grooming as women. It’s just that they don’t take it seriously yet. Gifting is a good way to incorporate some grooming products in their routine so that their skin is taken care of.


  1. Leather wallets or Diaries

If your man loves writing notes, diaries are the best. Then no appointment will go missing and he will always show up at the right time on a date. 

The wallet has been a great gifting option since ages and it is very practical and useful. A wallet shows a style statement and that should be well chosen.


  1. Personalized alcohol bottles

This will be a unique gift as he would have never expected it. You may put his name on the brand label and he will be modern happy to see his name on the bottle.


  1. Collection of luxurious perfumes

One who smells good is attractive. Keeping that in mind, a man would never not like perfumes. This is the safest gift and you can get a wide variety of choices. 


  1. Headset or Earphones

Good music, good mood. A pair of good earphones will stay with him for long and he will enjoy this gift to its most. 


  1. Fitness band

With an unhealthy lifestyle and late nights, anyone can get unfit. A fitness band will always keep them on their toes and they can keep a track of their health and what’s going wrong. This will be a very handy gift for any modern man, especially who are fitness freaks. 


  1. Sneakers

Men who work outdoor or fitness enthusiasts will love a pair of speakers. They are easy to choose and comes in budget.


  1. Name a Star after him

Yes, you heard it right. It is definitely possible to do this. There are gifting websites which allow you to buy a star or name it after someone. You even get an agreement regarding your purchase. This is a surprise he could have never expected but will always cherish. 


These gifts are suitable to be given to any man in your life. Be it your father, your brother, your partner or your friend. Here is a gift idea for everyone

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