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With not so normal conditions this year, we are all stuck at our homes and limited to what we could do to celebrate our festivals like Diwali. Here are few tips for you to decorate your space for Diwali amid quarantine in the year 2020. You can start taking these small projects from now to revamp your house completely by the festival arrives in mid of November this year.

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Freshen up your space.

Diwali celebrations are incomplete if you don’t freshen up your space. You need to clean all the nooks and corners of your house and make the most of the work from home time which is left with you. You would not like to enter many people into your house this year to freshen up your house so simply grab your mop and sweep you whole house on your own. Start by putting off your summer clothes and bringing out your spring clothes. This will help you remove all the clutter from your wardrobe. The you could start cleaning up your kitchen and whole house and slowly get rid of those old stuff that you haven’t used since years but are still holding onto them for the fair emotional attachments.

Hold onto a DIY paint project.

You can also take one room at a time and freshen up your house with fresh paint. Painting is not that difficult these days with all the gadgets that are available in market. You don’t have to toil with brush stroking your walls up and down. Now that you have got rollers and paint sprayers easily available on all ecommerce websites, you can start planning this paint projects before Diwali arrives. You can also convert it into a fun family project where you kids can also help you do all this. It will a great learning experience for them and they will be more self-reliant when it comes to decorate and revamp their own rooms while they grow older.

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Refresh your linens.

Once you have cleaned your house and painted it, now you need to add fresh linen to your house. Change all the drapes and bedsheets in next month. This will add that extra oomph to your house this Diwali. There are a lot of variety available during this time due to surge in demand and you could also get great offers so that you don’t put a hole in your pocket which changing it for whole house. If your budget doesn’t allow you to splurge into makeover of whole house, you can pick one room and follow these tips for that one room. Especially living room and bedroom would be most appropriate choice however people would also like to work on their kitchen and bathrooms.

Decorate your interiors.

You could also work to decorate your interiors. Due to festive season a lot of Diwali gifts and motifs are available in market and this is the perfect time to splurge into adding few decorative items to your place. You can also login into cake2homes.com to get selected precious Diwali gifts for your loved ones and as well for your own house. Market is full of choices and gifts in all budget ranges are available. Especially Ganesh idols are available in wide variety which could be part of your house during Diwali Pooja and afterwards.

Practice some Rangoli.

You could also decorate your entrance with some rangoli this year. You could start practicing them watching various YouTube videos which are flooded with various beautiful designs which are easy to make and collaborate. There are also various gadgets available these days which will end into beautiful rangoli designs without applying much efforts. If you don’t want to toil et’ all then you could also opt for rangoli stickers which have beautiful patterns printed on them and just require you to peel and stick them on intended space.

Give your bathroom a makeover.

This Diwali don’t wait and buy all the goodies for your bathroom that you ever wanted. You could start with a color theme for your bathroom and start your revamp process first by changing the shower curtain and towels. Then as your budget allows you can work on other things like your toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, a shower caddy that you always wanted to accommodate your bath supplies, the bucket and mug set to match the color theme you have chosen. Then further you could paint your bathroom tiles and your vanity doors, change faucets to new ones, add that bathing tub that you always wanted and so on.

Invest into candles and fairy lights.

Diwali is a festival of lights and is perfect time to hoard onto some of the best fairy lights and decorative Diyas this Diwali. Also, various form of decorative and fragrance candles is available in market during this time. Since India have majority of Hindus, the market is flooded with all sort of candles, Diyas and fairy lights during this time due to increase in demand.

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Revamp your praying nook this Diwali.

Your praying nook need a revamp for sure for Diwali pooja. Freshen up the space with paint or new wallpaper. There are also a variety of decoration ideas available on online channels which you could copy as is or with some modifications to add that extra oomph to your praying nook. You could go for those soul ranching vibes that everyone expects from a praying nook. This will not only add up to your Diwali celebrations but will also help you concentrate and relish your prayers all year around.

Work on your entrance makeover.

For what is Diwali if we don’t have our friends and family coming over. To welcome them you need to revamp your entrance for sure. Simply change that floor mat and add a rangoli if you don’t want to splurge a lot on making over your entrance. Apart from this you could also place some plants, add a Ganesh motif to your door and if time and money permits, add a fresh coat of paint to your door. Then if you have stairs or a nook in front of your entrance then you can also think of revamping that space for welcoming your guests this Diwali.

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