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What could be best than baking the best things for your loved ones? And it would be just perfect if you try to show your artistic skills in baking those sweet and cute heart-shaped desserts in the form of cookies, muffins, biscuits or tarts. This heart-shaped baked love would make a perfect gift for you if you are planning to surprise your love on the Valentine’s Day. We have listed some of the best heart-shaped desserts here which you can give it a try at your home as they are easy and simple to bake. Go and give it a try once and see your loved ones smiling.

1) Heart-shaped classic jam tarts

Now forget about those roses and chocolate that you used to get from your favourite shop for your loved one. It’s time to try something new to show your love to your special one. Yes! You can show much how you love them and care for them by making classic jam tarts of a heart shape at your home. You can either use your favourite jam or honey in place of sugary syrup. This will surely make your partner feel happy.

heart shape ice cream sandwich.jpg

2) Cake with a Hidden Heart

This is one of the perfect ideas to make someone surprise. How about making a soft sponge cake and presenting to someone with a hidden heart inside? This is kind of romantic and super awesome idea that would surely be loved by your partner. Even you can try making cake pops from leftover sponge for some innovative treat.

cake with hidden heart.jpg

3) Melting Heart-Shaped Muffins

You might have heard of melting chocolate in the mouth. But have you ever tried or listened of melting muffins? If someone who is a great chocolate lover, then this would be the perfect one to bake for them.

melting heart shped muffins.jpg

4) Heart-Shaped Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches are like fun to have. Not only do they look great with chocolate melting over them but they also taste great with the flavour of your favourite ice cream inside. On top of it, you can also add some festive sprinkles to give it a more tasty touch.

heart shape ice cream sandwich.jpg

5) Chocolate Covered Strawberry Heart-Shaped Cookies

Try making strawberry heart-shaped cookies with chocolate covered over it. Not only you can use chocolates to bake them, but you can also stuff them with Nutella which will give them a tasty twist. Yummy!

chocolate cover strawberry heart.jpg

6) Lovebug Biscuits

Show your creativeness by making these love bug heart-shaped biscuits for your loved one. What you need to do is take a simple cookie and put a fondant icing over it, add some food colour and decorate as much as you can using your best artistic skills. I m sure these would surely win away someone’s heart you love the most. Give it a try!

love bug biscuits.jpg

So, these were some of the creative heart-shaped recipes or desserts which one can give it a try at home for your beloved ones. Which one is your favourite?


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