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Are you also mad about Red Velvet Cakes? Red Velvet Cakes are just not the cakes, they are love for Delhiites. Unlike Punjabis, Delhiites are famous for eating Red Velvet Cakes besides going crazy for night parties, having cocktails on weekends or eating tasty chat puri on the street. They are like foodie by nature. Red Velvet Cakes have a very smooth texture, filled with cheese frosting which can instantly lift up anyone’s bad mood. Not only Delhiites, everyone just loves to have its piece as their favourite dessert after a meal. Here’s a list of why Delhiites are just mad about Red Velvet Cakes.

1) It’s irresistible red colour

The colour and texture of the red velvet cake are just super awesome that one cannot resist. Anyone can easily get pulled towards having a bite of red velvet. Red velvet just looks seeminglessly beautiful and are perfect for any occasion.

red colour.jpg

2) The sweet and mild chocolate flavour

Besides having a perfect look the cake also serves a perfect replacement of chocolate cake for those does not keep much liking for chocolates. So, if you someone who doesn’t like to binge on chocolate every time, they can grab a piece of red velvet.


3) Due to their distinct tangy flavour

Red velvet is a bit tangy in taste that is what makes this cake a unique one than the rest of them. It’s because of the reaction of buttermilk with vinegar that gives it a tangy flavour.


4) The best part is its cheese cream frosting

Another best thing about red velvet cake is their cheese cream frosting which makes this cake unique by giving it a different flavour. The combination of tanginess and sweetness gives it another dimension in terms of flavour. Due to this, no one can resist themselves from having a piece of red velvet.


5) They are made up of unique ingredients

No doubt they are super tasty and the reason behind their super taste is the unique combination of different ingredients that makes them perfect. It is an oil-based cake which is baked using buttermilk, cocoa powder and vinegar. Though it sounds weird, when they are all mixed, it brings out something tasty and different.


6) Quite simple to bake

One doesn’t need to be a Master chef to bake this cake if you know what ingredients you need to bake that and the baking equipment. You just need to mix up altogether with the ingredients and watch them doing wonders.


I feel after reading this, you are drooling for it already, what are you waiting for? Order your favourite red velvet cake from Cake2homes.com.


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