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Hoist a plate to the health advantages of a humble slice.
It tastes so good that nothing can beat it.


Well, it’s wrong – depends on the way you look at it. Sincerely, trust it or not, it’s
good to eat cake, and not only because it’s so delicious!

Cake makes you popular
We don’t say you need to share your cake slice, but you must share the pleasant
time to go deep. Since it has been scientifically demonstrated that eating cake
with anyone can create bonds of friendship and symbolize commonness.

Cake stops you being sad
Some years ago in Belgium, scientists in some places gave saline and some
people a fatty drip and tested their responses to negative images, which were
much less affected by those who received fatty drops. You go there, fatty stuff –
that is, cake – it’s a real comfort.

Disclaimer: excessive food convenience leads to obesity.

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A cake can help you slim
Ish… But in the morning you must eat it, not your usual tea slot in the afternoon.
Because a study concluded that consuming a dessert a couple of years ago
helped dieters lose weight as part of a regular 600-calorie breakfast, with a lower
percentage of piling the pounds than those who did not have a sneaky breakfast.
It’s all about a more active metabolism early in the day.

Cake can help beat depression
Many winners talked over how baking helped him fight depression last year.
Experts agree that baking helps to concentrate, structure and basic feeling of
achievement for people struggling with mental illness.
Cake has good things in it
Chocolate cake? Chocolate-y antioxidants.

Carrot cake? Vitamin-y carrots.
Coffee and walnut cake?
Omega-3 oil-y walnuts.
Sultana scone? Sultana-y fibre. See what we’re doing here? Some cake
ingredient PR. Try it; there’s always something you can spin as ‘a bit healthy’ –
even E-number infested bright pink and yellow Battenburg ‘has almond in the

Cake has many guises
You don’t have to completely opt out of a cake if you’re still unconvinced of a
slice of normal &; cake. Just have a cake – the ultimate low GI, a high – fiber
snack or a fish cake packed in Omega 3 memory boost.

So taking the cake is good for your health.

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