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Are you a Vegan? If yes, you might not like to have cakes which contain egg. There are many myriads related to eggs. Some do not have it due to health issues, culture, religion etc. Don’t worry we have find the best substitutes for an egg which makes the taste of the cake better without using eggs. Here we have listed some of the alternatives which can be used in place of eggs-


1. Fruit Puree

Fruit purees are one of the best alternatives which can be used in baking cakes. They add moisture to the baked goods and they also work well as a perfect binder too. Most commonly fruit purees that are used in baking cakes are Applesauce, mashed bananas, pumpkin puree or mashed avocado. Fruit Purees doesn’t only add flavour to the cake, they also make a healthier option for you to have if you are conscious of your health.

fruit puree.jpg


2. Heart-Healthy Flax Seeds


Who said that Flax seeds are meant only for your salad and smoothy dressing? They are also a better alternative to eggs. Flax seeds act like egg only as they have a good and thick consistency when mixed well with water. They are largely used in making pancakes, brownies and muffins. Not only they are good for your overall health, but they are also responsible for adding a nutty flavour to your finished dishes.

flax seed for cake.jpg


3. Nut Butters


Nut Butters are yet another excellent egg substitute which is full of healthy fats similar to eggs. They bind the ingredients together just like eggs. They are used in making full-flavoured cashew butter cookies, almond butter pancakes, or peanut butter fudge. Remember they have a strong flavour so they make your dishes extra healthy and yummy too at the same time.

nut butter.jpg


4. Mashed Potatoes


Have you ever wondered that even a mashed potato can also be used in baking your fluffy cakes? Mashed potatoes can do wonders if they are added in a cake. As they add instant moisture to the cakes and also gives the airy texture to them making them fluffy and perfect.



5. Paneer


Love for paneer is never ending. You can make use of milk paneer to bake the cake of your choice. Paneer is responsible for adding great texture to your finished dishes and it can work well with all the dishes and cakes which cannot be prepared without using eggs. The reason why it is being used in baking cakes is its thick density which is similar to that of eggs.



6. Baking Soda and Vinegar


Baking Soda plus Vinegar makes a perfect combination to bake the fluffy and yummy cakes. Their carbonated reaction makes the baked goods tastier and fluffier.

baking soda.jpg


7. Rice Bran Oil

One can also use Rice Bran Oil as an egg substitute while baking a cake. If you don’t prefer using butter, use Rice Bran Oil to bake the cake. This will give your cake good moisture as well as good structure. The oil also has many other benefits like it is heart-healthy. Using this in your cake will not impact its flavour also.

Rice bran oil.jpg

So, now you know that cakes can also be made at its best without using eggs too. Enjoy our eggless cakes at your footsteps in just a click. Enjoy eating cakes and keep your sorrows away and make your celebrations, even more, grander with Cake2homes.


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