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Are you looking for a perfect gift for your best friend or your loved one? Well, gifting something good to someone is quite a challenging task or might not be your cup of tea if you are not good at choosing one. So, is there any way using which you can gift your loved one a perfect gift without telling them or asking them? Yes, there is one alternative to this.

If you want to present something to your love on this anniversary or your best friend on his/her birthday without letting them know about what’s going on in your mind. The best thing to choose a gift in such a situation is to gift something which is of utmost importance to them or which is meaningful to them. The question is how would you know this? You could better know this by recollecting the memories you have with them.

This is one of the best ways which you can use to gift someone you adore the most by not letting them know anything about what you have planned. Your surprise would remain as a surprise only as you always wanted. This way you will also be able to see the amazing smile on their face on receiving your gift which is not possible when you break your surprise and tell them what you are gifting to them.

Suppose, your loved one’s birthday is coming and you don’t have a clue what to gift her, though you have many choices to gift her like makeup, dress, pair of shoes or anything else which she would have liked. But you don’t know what does she exactly wants at the moment? Then you suddenly recollect that she needs a resort stay at the poolside and a romantic dinner date with you. So, this could be your first gift to her and that is a getaway to resort at her favourite place Jaipur along with a poolside romantic dinner or a candlelight dinner.

Secondly, she wanted to attend a live performance played by local singers there on her birthday. So, this would be her second gift.

You know that she loves to explore new places and she just loves to capture each and everything in her camera. So, you can gift her camera too because she had broken her camera recently.

Also, remember the time when you met last to her she told you that she wanted to spend quality time with you at a place far away from home. So, this also could be her next gift to which would help you both make a perfect bond between you and her.

Surprise with all this to her on the birthday eve without showing any facial expression which could let her guess about your plan and which may ruin your surprise. So, finally, when her birthday arrives, she opens up her gifts and thank you in a beautiful way which you can’t even express. And yes she loved the most the way you presented her without letting her know.

Undoubtedly, gifting is a hard task which requires much planning and if you are not good at it try to keep it simple and recollect the trivial conversations when you are confused and I am sure it would be one of the best things for your friend or your loved one if you gift them this way.


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