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Have you ever wondered that black chocolate cake is a healthy option for you if you have it during your breakfast? Eating a chocolate cake very as you wake up in the morning can help improve your brain function and waistline too. What a sigh of relief isn’t it? Now after discovering that eating a cake during your breakfast isn’t unhealthy, you don’t need to feel anymore guilty now. It’s like your dream has come true whether you are an adult or a kid who doesn’t like to have a slice of yummy chocolate cake as a very first thing in the morning. Even scientific study has also revealed that eating a slice of cake is a healthier option for anyone who consumes it. Now we will have a look at what benefits it would give to us according to science:

Black Chocolate Improves Brain Function

According to a study conducted by Syracuse University, a piece of chocolate cake won’t disturb your health. It will further boost your brain health and also your waistline. The study involved 960 subjects with the participants belonging to the age group between 23 to 98 years. The dietary habits of the participants were observed and later the results were cross-checked and compared. The researchers have conducted the study to find out the impact on chocolates on their overall health. The results have revealed that the subjects who ate chocolate regularly had got improvement in cognitive abilities, abstract thinking and better memory function.

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Black Chocolate Can Help You Lose Weight

Isn’t that sound shocking to you that how cakes can help reduce inches from your body? As per the study conducted by the University in Tel Aviv, black chocolate can also help you lose your weight. As per their finding, their results revealed that eating black chocolate cake during breakfast can also increase productivity at work too besides helping you to fight with your excess weight.

As per Dr Daniela Jakubowicz, our brain needs ample energy when we wake up in the morning. That’s why he told that eating a piece of chocolate cake for breakfast is less likely to cause weight gain. The study showed that if you want to take benefit of eating a chocolate cake, you need to eat it till 9 am.


What are the Health Benefits of Black Chocolate?

Do you know chocolate is made up of cocoa beans which are highly beneficial for our health? This is because cocoa beans are rich in flavonoids which promote health. Let’s have a look at some of the health benefits of black chocolate:

1) It aids blood regulation also prevents the clogging of arteries.

2) It is good for our heart health as it helps in reducing the possibility of stroke.

3) Black chocolate is also good for your skin because of the flavonoids which protect your skin from external damage.

4) Chocolate is a rich source of minerals including iron, zinc, potassium, selenium and many others.

5) It also helps you control your mood swings and make you feel good if you are stressed.

So, if you have a myth that eating dark chocolate will make you fat and ugly. You can start eating it right away after knowing the scientific fact told above.


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