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Depression and anxiety are being recently brought into notice as grave issues. It is as big a problem as any other physical unhealthiness or bigger. It is a process of life to experience both highs and lows. The highs come with accomplishments and make us happy while the lows bring our mental health down. But along with other therapies, surprisingly, something as simple as a flower can uplift the mood instantly. Flower therapy is being used in battling depression and anxiety. The fragrance and beautiful colours bring in a positive vibe and help to soothe the mind.

1. Flowers battle with unhappiness and loneliness


It is always suggested to go out and feel the nature when someone is unhappy or lonely. The colours of nature drive away from the blues and bring a rainbow even in the cloudiest days. Don’t wait for your lover to send over some flowers. Order it and make yourself happy.

2. Flowers calm the mind


Even the sight of the flowers is so soothing. They instantly revive the mind and calms down anxiety. Flowers are often spotted at salons and spas. We all know about the refreshing property of rose water. Rose petals are also used for a relaxing bath after a stressful week.

3. Flowers attract good energy


Psychiatrists and specialists emphasize on attracting the right energy towards the mind, body and soul. Surrounding yourself with good energy solves most of the problems related to depression and anxiety. Sunflower has an essence in balancing the third Chakra, known to be the energy centre of the body which is around the level and goes up to the breastbone. Sunflowers are very effective in restoring self-esteem, cutting off the ego, and make you acquainted with your compassion and wisdom.

4. Flowers deal with tension in the workplace


Workplace often has a stressful environment. But you don’t want to bring that stress to your home. It has been claimed by 70% of the researchers that mental unhealthiness comes from accumulating stress at work. A lavender flower can help in laying off stress. A few drops of Lavender oil can be added to warm bath water to have a relaxing shower. Scented lavender candles are great stress busters and soothe your mind while you are asleep.

5. Flowers bring Happiness


Flowers can be the best gift. It brings instant happiness when someone receives flowers and even you feel good gifting them. Just imagine gifting a bouquet of flowers and a cake to someone at midnight on their birthday. The smile you will get in return is priceless. Flowers are a universal gift to bring happiness. Even when you go to see someone in the hospital, it is an etiquette to bring flowers as they represent hope and positivity.

From birth to the funeral and at every stage of life, flowers play an important role. Their mere fragrance and appearance make everything lively. Also, it helps you stay connected with your loved ones.


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