How to celebrate your first anniversary during Quarantine

Due to unforeseen corona virus outbreak, we all are restricted and limited in vicinity of our homes and societies. Amid this many couples got married during in the second half of 2019 will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary under quarantine. Though lockdown is now open, and we can go places but still choices are few. In such a scenario here are few scenarios and ideas how you can make the most of celebrating your first anniversary.

First Wedding Anniversary

Take a short trip to outskirts of your city.

Though we would not like to get exposed or expose our loved once during this quarantine, we would still be would like to make this special day memorable in some way. When you are in your first wedding year, you would like to re-live your honeymoon moments and moments you had been with each other. It perfect to take your better half on a short car ride to the outskirts of the city and celebrate it with just two of you together. You can take some cake, sparklers, champagne and balloons with you and have your own little moment filled with love and celebration. To get all your supplies for this celebration, simply login into

Prepare for a date night in your garden.

If you are too afraid of going out and getting exposed to the virus, then also you could celebrate your day by hosting a small celebration in your home garden or your living room. It would be too much fun to prepare for your first wedding anniversary and then relishing all your preparation with both of you together. You can set up a projector and small movie theatre and celebrate your moments with each other by reliving your first movie experience with each other after your marriage. You can add chocolates, a foreplay wheel, some Champaign to add up some excitement to the celebration. For your decoration needs, you can simply login into

Date Night

Attend virtual concerts and events.

What better way then to watch your favorite singer perform and live the moments with your better half while cuddling and hugging each other at the comfort of your home. You two can watch this event and have all the privacy of your home for in between mischiefs and love you would like to do to each other. While watching your favorite event you could also click pictures of you two together. Like hold some sparkles in your hands and look into each other’s eyes. Then you could also kiss each other and click some smooch selfies. Apart from this you two could relive this day celebrating one whole year of your wedding and how you two have grown in this relationship.

Plan a photoshoot.

If you don’t want to go out, then you can dress up and have an exquisite photoshoot around your home. You can relive your private moments in front of the photographer, to turn them into a storybook of your first year of your wedding. You can dress up in your wedding gown and click how he picked you up and brought into his house or room. Though those were private and uncaptured, but this is the best time to capture those moments and relive them at the same time. You can also click your moments of love at different parts of your home and make them even more cherished and memorable. So that you can watch them in your storybook and relive those moments throughout your life.

Wedding Photoshoot

Call a spa team at your home for an exquisite couple spa.

If you wish to have a relaxing and enjoyable wedding anniversary, then you can also have a spa day at the comfort of your home. You can call exquisite spa team at your home to have a safe and quarantine spa day at your home. Once you have had you spa and massage, both of you could cuddle in the bath tub of your hours or in same shower and then head to the other room where you could have pre-set the celebration décor with cake and wine. Play some music and dance away with each other. You could also perform your first wedding dance on this day but this time in the privacy of your home and in your living room. Just the two of you.

Gift each other some pets.

One year of togetherness is best time to add a third family member to your lives. You two could add this family member by adopting a shelter pet. There are various NGOs supporting this initiative and during this time of COVID, they are also helping you deliver them to your home. You could both have this new member added to your family and if you are not planning to start a family soon then this pet would help you prepare for your family life later. He will teach you both how you two could share responsibilities and work together to nurture a third life in your family. Also, this would help you understanding what you would have to provide to have a family started. A new family is not just about sex and mischiefs, but it brings forth a lot of responsibilities with it.

For all these ideas you can visit, to help you with decoration and celebration material like cake, flowers, teddies and all. There is a lot you two could do to make this first anniversary amid quarantine a memorable one. This is a perfect opportunity to spend time with each other rather than getting grabbed by the oomph of the lavish places. Just sit in the balcony on your house and spend the night with each other talking about your lives and spend the rest of the night loving each other.