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Heartbreaks are not easy but very common. You are not alone in this. It takes a lot of courage to go through it and many people find themselves helpless looking for answers. One thing we cannot do is be stuck in the past. So, here are some quick factors to consider and move on.

Allow yourself time to heal


Time is the best healer. Time never stays the same. Just as happy times are rare to find, difficult times don’t stay forever. But the period since your heartbreak till the time they finally move on gets very tough to overcome by some people. Remember in such moments that no one is more important than yourself. You’ll have to take yourself forward. Getting into pyjamas and watching break up movies will not heal you. You need to carry on your daily activities and keep your concentration away from things which can trigger you.

Let your heart out with someone you trust


The most vulnerable time is when you feel you are all by yourself. This makes heartbreaks often turn into depression. So, open up about your feelings. Talk to your friends whom you can absolutely trust about how you are feeling. You might also seek help from therapists to deal with this difficult situation and evolve stronger.

Let go of the memories


Holding on to old things like letters, gifts and other memories of the broken relationship will only give you flashbacks. Discard the items you can so that you are not reminded of the person in any way. This is the best way to get closure.

Don’t hold grudges


Hatred or holding grudges will only affect your peace of mind. If someone decides to move ahead without you, let them go. Don’t wish bad for them, wish them happiness instead. Keep the happy memories and remember it as a time well- spent. A positive attitude attracts positivity. No matter how bad you feel, be optimistic that it will be over soon.

Don’t look for Rebounds


Rebounds might seem cool in movies but they can never make you feel whole again. We unconsciously try to fill the void of someone lost with someone very newly found. This can be a temporary distraction for a short period of time but it cannot decrease your pain. You need to completely absorb the pain of heartbreak, live it and then move on to have a new fully committed relationship. Ignorance is not bliss in case of heartbreaks.

Keep yourself company


Staying locked in a room alone will only lead to unhealthy thoughts. Hang out with friends, go to your favourite places and enjoy life as you usually would. You would need some time alone but isolating yourself will only make the process slower as there will be no support while you heal.

There is no advice which will be the ultimate healer. Every person is different, their story is different, and the intensity of love differs. So, take your time. Treat yourself with food, shopping, gifts which will bring happiness.

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