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Do not let this lockdown ruin your special day. Birthday has always been a special day of every year and we always find out the best way to celebrate our birthdays. But this year things have changed although, that doesn’t mean we still can’t make this day special.

Here are a few Lockdown birthday ideas you will love.


Baking delicious cakes

Do you remember the crazy search for that perfect cake on your birthdays? You used to give so many instructions to customise the cake according to your likings. Sadly, this year we are not allowed to order cakes from outside. But this will be a great opportunity to learn some baking or brush up your baking skills. This will be a new kind of celebration to bake your own birthday cake, mixing and matching any kind of flavours you want.


Decorate your room like you are having a party

You must have some things bundled up in the store room from the last year’s birthday celebration. Take out those decorations and get that party vibe on. If you do not have any leftovers, what you can do is recycle the waste products and go for some DIYs. Use the old newspapers or sheets to make hats, banners, lanterns to decorate the room.


Virtual Birthday

Partying without people can be so boring but you know how to plan a virtual get-together. Get your friends together on a video call or zoom call and cut the cake together. Get in touch with your relatives and grandparents. You might not receive gifts this birthday but you can always have the love of your friends and the blessings of your elderlies.



Had it not been for this lockdown, you would have gone for the relaxing spa session. Then why not do it at your home? All the spa materials you collected would come to use this day. Enjoy a relaxing bath with some sweet music and champagne.


Theme Party

Theme parties generally put a hole in your pocket and due to the expenses, you must have put away the idea of theme parties. But now when you do not have to actually invite people you can go for a virtual theme party. Everyone must be dressed according to the theme and celebrate your birthday.


You can always plan activities for your party

Go for Charades or Trivia with your friends over a video call. Those are always favourite games at a party. Or, you may also go for playing online games like Pubg. Stay connected with your friends and family on this special day.


Send a personalized birthday video

If you are to give a birthday present to your friend, a personalized video in collaboration with your other friends would just make their day. Record a short message of what you feel about them and make a collage of all the videos wishing “Happy Birthday”.


There is always a way to combat the gloominess around you. You just have to pick your way to be happy on your special day. Little things can matter a lot and you must already have realised the importance of spending time with the family, now that you have got ample time with them. Cherish this moment and have a blast on your birthday.

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