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Birthday means your special day. You wear new outfits, call your friends and spend money to treat them. Birthdays are celebrated differently across the world. Most of you might not be knowing about the traditions and customs that they follow. That is why you might get surprised after knowing them how they celebrate their birthdays so uniquely that we can’t even think of. However, this doesn’t represent the households or activities of a particular country. But you will love to know about the casual ways the follow to celebrate their born day. Let’s have a look at some of the Birthday Traditions from around the World.

1) Norway: Eating chocolate cake

How Norwegians celebrate their born day is totally different from ours. They like to dance and sing on Norwegian songs. Apart from this, they also have a tradition of eating chocolate cakes on their birthdays. Hmm! It sounds like a tasty and delicious tradition.

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2) Vietnam: Beginning of New Year ‘Tet’

You might feel weird when you will get to know how Vietnamese people celebrate their birthday. Irrespective of age and the actual day of their birth, all Vietnamese people like to celebrate their born day on one day of the year. That day is popularly known as ‘Tet’ which is the beginning of the New Year for them. On that day, kids also get money from their parents. Ahh! So nice Right?


3) India: New outfit and special dinner

In India, birthday celebrations are all about cake cutting gathering guest and then going for a heavy and special dinner to end the things on a happy note. Also, kids get new outfits on their birthday and birthday presents too from their friends, parent and relatives. Birthdays are slightly differently celebrated in India where everyone also touches feet of their elder ones and take the blessings.


4) Australia: Fairy Bread

In Australia, Australian people get Fairy Bread on their birthdays. Don’t know about Fairy Breads? Fairy Breads are buttered bread with sprinkles. Seems so yummy.


5) USA: Smashing cakes

You will be delighted to know that USA people celebrate their birthdays by smashing cakes on each other. Parents on this day, get extra cakes for their children so that they can throw, smash and put a cake on the faces of everyone they want to on their special day.


6) Venezuela: Face in the Cake in Venezuela

Well, many of them in India also love to do this the same way Venezuela people do. On their birthday, they plunge on the face in the cake while blowing the candles. Well, this culture seems to symbolise a wish of love, laughter and luck for the coming year.


So, these were some of the unusual ways which are followed by peoples around the world to make their birthday more special and messier. How about if we also follow one of these ways on your birthday this year? It seems like so much fun. Give it a try!


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