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Being a parent, you must be very excited about your baby’s first birthday. You also started doing all your preps from guest list to birthday venue. But you are still confused regarding choosing the birthday cake for your little one which is one of the most important parts of a birthday celebration. Meaning no birthday could ever be complete without involving a tasty retreat in the form of a delicious cake. I have eased up thing little bit for you if you are struggling with this thing. Have a look at these awesome creative cakes for your baby’s first birthday whether a baby girl or a baby boy! We have covered it all.

Most Creative Ideas for Your Baby’s First Birthday

We all know the tantrums of Lil ones, they are so choosy and it is very hard for parents to choose a perfect cake for them on their very first birthday. Make sure you choose a birthday cake that fascinates your baby, if it’s a baby girl, princess or Cinderella cake would work well and if it’s a baby boy, in that case, you can opt for a car cake or a moustache to make their birthday even grander.

Unique Cake Ideas for Baby Boy:

A Moustache Cake

Baby boys seem to be very excited to imitate their father’s moustache. They just can’t wait to get old. They want to get into adulthood very soon and what could be more perfect than getting a moustache cake for your little big man on his first birthday.

Moustache Cake.jpg

A Car Cake

Choices and interests always differ in the case of both, girls and boys. Boys love to play with their car, as cars are their all-time favourite toy. If your Lil one is also mad about cars, get him a huge cake with a personalised hot wheels collection or the model of his favourite car. Believe me, this cake will make your son go mad for a while.

car cake.jpg

A Suit and Tie theme cake

Boys always look adorable and smart when they get suit and buit up in a suit and tie. Similar to moustache cake, this cake is also a perfect option for your Lil one if he is just about to enter in ‘adulthood’. Go ahead and gift him an adorable ‘suit-and-tie-themed ‘cake.

suit and tie cake.jpg

Unique Cake Ideas for Baby Girl:

A Princess Cake

Baby girls are like a princess for their father, so getting this cake for her would be more than perfect. You can even place a tiara on the top of the cake and decorate the cake the way you want to give a personalised touch.

princess cake.jpg

A Pink Cake

Pink is the colour for ‘girls’ so a pink cake would go best if you are very confused and have no idea what to choose for your baby girl on her first birthday. You can try different shades of pink to make the cake look fancy and adorable.

Pink cake.jpg

A Cinderella Cake

Cinderella and Barbies are amongst the most loved toys among baby girls. Almost every baby girl grows up listening to their stories. Get a Cinderella themed cake with the glass slippers on it to give it a real-life feel. I am sure your baby girl would love this cake like anything.

Cinderella cake.jpg

So, among these what’s your pick for your baby girl or a baby boy?

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