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Midnights for most of the times are just about the numeric changes in the watch, or how PM turns into AM. It is a lot more than that, when and a new and special day starts. The perfect time would be when the world is asleep, dreaming with its eyes closed, but you rather wish to dream with your eyes open, yes the midnight with the strike of the clock and the magical day begins. The perfect soothing enchantments which dwell in the air and breeze, and make you experience a vibe good enough to make you feel so good. Yes, it is exactly what you have in your mind, birthday, it was my mom’s birthday.

No wonder a perfect cake is the most important items for birthday and especially having a chef like mom, the expectations of a perfect cake start dancing above the normal level, making it past to the extraordinary level. Yes, being a fabulous baker, my mom would bake the best of the cakes with toppings as splendid as they would taste.

This was our mission to accomplish, we had to give a tough competition to her and make her scream at the top of her tone out of joy. The plan was simple, bake a coffee cake for the coffee lover so, we chose a coffee cake with Kahlua chocolate ganache. A lovely decorated room was the cherry on the top and so we went decorative item hunting. We made lists and some more lists of each item she loved and started collecting them before a month from her birthday. Of course, we had to get the best of everything right.

So, the time was here, and we had to get all the pieces of surprises together. Dad had his own part of surprises and so he took my mom out on a fancy dinner date in the evening and he informed us he would be back by 12:30. They get off by 5 in the evening and we went on our mission of making a splendid cake for her. We got each and every ingredient together and started making the cake with the super confidence level I had. To be honest and tell you the fact, all I know of baking was to pass on the ingredients to my mom or sister and they would do the baking. But, that didn’t stop me from giving them my piece of suggestions on how better the end result could be. That is how easy baking was for me, so you can understand what I would do today.

Being the overconfidence person I am, took over the easy task of baking the cake for my mom while ordering my sister to take care of the decorative items. With the only intension of surprising my coffee lover mother I had in my mind, I decided to experiment with the dosage of coffee required and increased it 3 times just so it would enhance the flavor of the cake. I know, stupid is what I am, and god knows what I did with the ragi flour because it was nowhere in the cake mix and I can’t even recall what I put instead. Why not, all I had in my mind was, the 3x coffee experiment was awesome. My sister returned and enquired about the recipe, I told her the mind-blowing thing I did, and she smashed me red and blue verbally making me realize how stupid I am. Of course, the cake was a flop and we had no time.

Now I went into the maniac phase and started searching the internet for alternatives, did Google help with a quick baked coffee cake? Google has no mercy on us that day and I went into the panic mode. Then I found an ad on Facebook, while I was browsing it to calm myself, and came across cake2homes. The best thing is they had a midnight delivery option. Ordered a quick coffee based cake for mom, received it and hit it inside the fridge.

It was 12:30 AM and my parents were back thinking we were all asleep, but that is when the light went on with a room full of surprises. We know the obvious reaction of my mother, she started crying out of joy and with the sweet giggles, she went all blushing. With the surprise gifts, the splendid cake was presented to her and of course, she approved of it, thinking it to be my baking and we decided to stay num. Rest was history.

Cake2homes is just a great platform which has the list of lip-smacking recipes. The standing orders given to the outlet are highly followed and the cake will be home the time you want it to be. Can you ask for more? Of course not, but they offer a lot of cakes as per your interest, and add ons are the different yet intriguing products available on their site. They have a wide range of products on sale, which goes best with the delicious cakes they sell. You can surprise your loved one with more than a cake, such as a facility available by to the users. Personalize your order as they offer customized order services, and avail the best of the facilities they have in store for the users.

The offers on the site are such that, you can order a wide variety of items such as cakes, flowers, gifts, chocolates, plants, etc. You can browse through their listing as per the occasion requirement you have, i.e. you can hunt for the cake and gift items as per anniversary or birthdays. The services they have include same-day delivery, including exclusive midnight delivery.

Show the love you have for your loved ones with the best cake, for cakes, are not to be compromised with on the once in a year day. Surprises are meant to be special and special is what cake2homes has in store with it.



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