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21st birthday is not like the other ones. You have hit a milestone and officially entered adulthood. You can be your own boss and take responsibilities for your actions. There are a lot of commitments coming your way but it is important to enjoy being young while you still can. So, throw the most awesome 21st birthday party with these ideas.

1. Shiny birthday balloons


Balloons can never outdated. They look elegant and just instantly puts you in the celebratory mood. There are balloons available in different shapes and various kinds. Shiny glitter balloons are in trend and with a perfectly decorated setup, it can be a beautiful photo booth to nail those 21st birthday’s Instagram posts.

2. Themed cakes


This has gained popularity so quickly. Everyone is doing it. Your 21st birthday calls for a magnificent themed cake according to your personality or likes. It can be based on your favourite movie or TV series or the profession you are pursuing. The best part, you can get them in any flavour you want.

3. Organise drinking games


You can officially have a drink now. So gather your friends for a drinking game. Spin the shot is an interesting game, where you spin the glasses and the person towards whom the arrow points has to take shots. Your friends will totally enjoy this.

4. Ring a Guitarist


Want to make your birthday party better than your friend’s? Hire a well-trained guitarist to play for you and your guests. This is something unexpected and your guests will be entertained.

5. Get a tattoo or piercing


Your parents won’t scold you for this anymore. You may also hire professionals at your party and convince your best friend to get a matching tattoo. Your guests will enjoy the services.

6. Theme party


Theme parties are always exciting and your friends will be happy to help you come up with an idea. A costume party is classic. You can be whichever character you always wanted to be. But if you want this to be nostalgic, consider a throwback party. You can combine all your heartfelt elements since you were a kid till this day in the decorations and bid the last adieu to your childhood.

7. Birthday Bonfire


If you have always wanted a beach birthday party, this is the idea you can go for. Gather your pals for an evening bonfire at a local beach. Spend an evening full of stories, recollecting memories and renewing your friendship. Don’t forget to bring enough blankets and pillows and you can end the night with sparklers.

This day is special and you deserve every special thing out there. Make yourself happy and plan the best 21st birthday. Fulfil your wishes and do the things you have always wanted to once you grew up. Cheers to adulthood.


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