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Your friends are not always around when you do stupid things. They already know what you are up to and they make silly excuses to cancel the plans. But next time you will be able to catch him/her as we have got you covered with all the excuses possible.

1. Distracts you with a new plan


You might have noticed often when they do not want to watch a movie of your choice, they suggest a movie releasing next week or some other time. They often become your Godfather and ask you to save that money for some other thing instead. When you get overwhelmed with their goodness, remember you are being fooled.

2. “Got stuck at work”


Now let’s be honest. Even you have given this excuse so many times and yet somehow you tend to believe it when your friends say it.

3. They convince you to do it “Next Time”


And that next time probably never comes. If they are afraid of the roller coaster at an amusement park, that next time never comes. So, it’s better you have your own fun.

4. “I can’t explain right now”


There are times when you call up your friend, because you are getting late for your outing, and all you get to hear is “I can’t come, I can’t explain it you right now.” You will understand as would any good friend do. And this sentence always seems very serious. Mind you this is a strategy they come up with when nothing else works, and they need to ditch it the last moment. As they do not reveal the full information, it kind of works in their favour. Who knows, maybe later you will be busy talking about your trip so much, you will forget to ask them.

5. “I’ll Catch You Later”


Your friend often texts you to go ahead as he or she might be late. You might think they are being considered but what they mean is, “I am not interested.” So next time they say that, drag them with you.

6. They just come


After all, they are your friends and they want to hang out with you. It’s true, they ditch you sometimes. That’s because they might not be interested and cannot say ‘no’ to you. So don’t be hard on your friends. Understand when they need space but also keep a check that they don’t trick you.

There are so many silly things you want to do with your friends. A road trip to Goa, pranking your professors, meeting your ex, banking classes, going to an uninvited wedding and so many more. Friends really need a lot of excuses to not being a part of all your plans and also stopping you from doing something crazy.

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