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Flowers are one of the best ways to express your any kind of emotion, whether its love, sorrow, friendship or joy. They are the biggest and powerful emotion tellers, especially love. You can express your different emotions with flowers as every flower colour has a different meaning.

There are a wide variety of flowers which are available today to express your emotions in the best possible way. Like roses which are used to express love, yellow flowers to show your true friendship, white lilies to maintain peace and harmony, purple carnations to signify sorrow. So, depending on your emotion you choose the flower.

Nowadays, it has become very easy to order flowers online just in one click. You can place your order online with us i.e. to shop our beautiful collection of different flowers. We will help you deliver your favourite flower bouquet right at the doorstep of your loved one. Let us take you through which flower is used to show which emotions?

Red Roses to express your Love

Of course, how can we even forget to mention roses when it comes to signify your true love to someone you love from the bottom of your heart. Roses are considered best to symbolize your love and romance. You can present a classic bouquet of red roses to surprise your loved ones.

red roses.jpeg

Tulips to show your self-declaration for love and confidence

After roses, tulips are one of the best flowers which are used to express your love emotions as well as your confidence. Present the bouquet of tulips of any colour of your choice like pink, white, yellow or purple to make your love feel special.


Lillies to show your innocence, thoughtfulness and purity

Lillies symbolises many emotions including purity, innocence, thoughtfulness and love. If you are madly in love with someone, you can present a bouquet of Lillies to express your feelings in an easy way.


Orchids to admire someone you love

Orchids are symbols of exotic beauty. They would be perfect for gifting purpose to someone whom you admire the most in your life. A bouquet of orchid will show the person how important he/she is for you in your life.

flower orchid.jpeg

Sunflowers to spread positivity and happiness instantly

The Yellow sunflower symbolises sun that signifies love, positivity, happiness and energy. Moreover, yellow flowers are best to present when you want to show your true colours of friendship to your favourite and best buddy.


Carnations are best to approach someone for the first time

If you are approaching someone for the very first time or planning to go out on a casual date with him/her, they are the best option for you to go with. They symbolize admiration and adoration to someone you love. You can shop for them here.


So, every flower is the best and unique in its own way. They speak for us and let us express our inner feelings to someone we love the most. Not only love, but they can also help you when you want to repair your relationships or your long fights with your friends or someone else. So, among these which one would you pick to show up your feelings?




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