The things to avoid on Valentine

Do you like to make your dating happy? Here are a few stuff you need to avoid Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day approaches quickly, but you can be afraid if you do something or say anything wrong. Are you currently alone and hope that February 14th will eventually be a day for you and your crush?

A brief guide helps you in a positive direction. It will keep your beloved sweet or surely will blossom a new love.

  1. Never forget

Valentine day
Valentine day

It will suppress a joy if your partner had awakened you with gifts/chocolates/bouquets on the morning of the 14th, but had suddenly realized that it is Valentine. And you forgot about it.

Whether you try to lie your way like “I have ordered it but it hasn’t come yet …” or “I’ve reserved a table for us for evening” line, and then you call each of the restaurants in the city urgently.


  1. Must not purchase dresses if you are unsure about her size

You should avoid taking the risk if you are not 100% positive about the size of your partner. If she is 14, she will not feel desirable fitting into size 6 and it is just as frustrating.


  1. Don’t gift sweet bears teddy

teddy bear

Teddy bears are adorable but for Valentine’s day too cliché. Don’t take the route that is predictable. Present teddy bears on any funfairs.


  1. Never say, “I was about to buy chocolates for you, but you are on a diet.

It’s never a good thing to propose a present and then not giving. On Valentine’s Day, it’s a tradition for you to eat as you like.


  1. Don’t gift your love a membership fitness center

Although if she wants one. They will think as you want then to go. You can also buy a couple of punches while you’re here.

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  1. Don’t breathe badly

Nobody wishes to lean into a kiss and be welcomed by last night’s dinner only by a taste. Pick and put the Altoids from the mouth.

Avoid yourself becoming the bad kiss story of someone else. Pay careful about your next kiss.

  1. Kindly do not cry

If you are on the first date on this valentine. Don’t be shocked by a surprise present, hugs or kisses and please don’t cry. The joy by crying can be continued at a later stage because weeping in a public place makes anyone feel nervous.

  1. Don’t invite any single mate

It may sound a bit gross or selfish. But please don’t bring it to your Valentine’s Day if you have a single friend. This day is exclusive and is intended exclusively for you and your love affair.

  1. Don’t talk about anything else then you

It is okay in your life to have many romantic links. But Valentine’s Day isn’t the day to remember those experiences. You are measured and your presence in this present relationship by the other person you have gone with. It also gives the impression that you have not yet ended other relationships.

  1. Do not drink due to Nervousness

You should never sip until you’re sufficiently confident. Get some sip of water and take some breathe deeply if you are anxious. You may not give a good impact on the others if you drink out of anxiety and drinking a little bit more. You can eventually talk too much, sob and make yourself stupid.