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From ancient time, rose uses to communicate a message without sayings for decades; they also represent secrecy.

Roses are red, purple, and a lot of several other colors. Passion Growers understands that providing flowers as a gift demonstrates the recipient’s profound gratitude and emotions towards them.


We give this modern rose color guide to help with your purchase decision. We also think that giving flowers implies presenting your loved ones (or even yourself) the colors that make them happy.

Red colour of Rose

Red roses are the classic symbol of love, romantic love, and a way of saying, “I love you.” Beauty and perfection have also expressed in the red rose. Big or dark red roses can reveal unconscious elegance.

Pink colour of Rose

Words such as adoration, kindness, wisdom, fulfillment, sweetness, and joy are just a few ways to define the significance behind the pink rose. A rose of pink color can also express joy, graciousness, and affection.

 Yellow colour of Rose

It comes to mind when starting to think of a yellow rose is vibrant, jovial, and joyful. Yellow roses generate fresh, happy emotions. Offering yellow roses can say the pleasure that they bring to you and the friendship that you hold.

White colour of Rose

White roses depict simplicity, righteousness, and elegance, the purist of colors. Commonly, white roses are used in marriages and can represent fresh beginnings. Many think that white roses can convey memory and innocence, as well.

Orange colour of Rose

Orange flowers invoke power and can signify thrill, passion, and willingness. Giving orange flowers can symbolize your enthusiastic intimacy and share your emotion about your loved one’s connection.

Lavender colour of Rose

Love at first sight or maybe an elegant way to express, “I love you!” Lavender flowers can give your love and willingness to develop your bond every day.

Novelty colour of Rose

Passion Gardeners has around 30 distinct flowers of originality that can give your rose a distinctive and exciting way to generate a twist. Consider offering a rose of novelty to add a new spin to your message. A yellowish rose with a red  tip, for instance, can imply friendship or fall in love.

Salmon colour of Rose

The salmon-colored flowers are a mildly pinker orange color. Its significance evokes the same statement as orange flowers. Roses of salmon show passion, willingness, and excitation. Give salmon flowers as a manner to express someone’s wish. They’re going to understand how you feel.

Peach colour of Rose

Are you thankful or want to express your gratitude for someone? Then think about providing a peach-colored rose. A bouquet of peach flowers demonstrates your profound gratitude and respect or just a graceful way to say “thank you!”

Cream colour of Rose

Cream flowers are charming and compassionate. They go well with flowers of pink “thank you” that enable you to give two notes in one bunch!

Green colour of Rose

Green is life’s color, plentiful creation, and continual growth and power renovation. The green rose represents the spirit’s constant rejuvenation and is, therefore, a messenger of joy.


The figures often tell it all.

  • A single rose of any color shows the utmost devotion or a manner of saying “thank you.”
  • Two flowers mixed to convey “marry me” (a red and white rose combined imply unity).
  • Six Roses means something being admired or adored.
  • The recipient is assured by eleven roses that they are genuinely and deeply loved. Twelve roses show a hidden admiration.


So what color of rose you are about to offer

Every color has a specific meaning like red, the rose of the beloved, means everlasting love; white, kindness and integrity; yellow, expressing friendly relationship and comfort; pink, thankfulness, understanding or orange, enthusiasm, and passion; white lilac and purple roses represent charm and love at first sight. In a bouquet of rose, the number of stems can also carry specific feelings.





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