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Your best girl-friend is the best thing that can happen to you. How many times has it happened that you get some news and can’t wait to tell your friend? We all have that one friend whom we cannot do without. She is the one who knows all about your heartbreaks, your bad habits, your cheap thrills and knows how to deal with your mood swings. You can be “yourself” when your girlfriends are around and you tell them those things which you cannot share with anyone else.

1. Telling them you are broke

You might have selected the most perfect dress for your date but you are broke, then who comes to your rescue? Of course, your girlfriend. She might lend you the money but there might be times when she is as broke as you, then she would definitely lend you her date dress.

2. The ex you still remember

This is a sensitive topic which even you regret telling yourself. But there’s one person with whom you can share this without being judged. Your girlfriend knows every secret, the whole story from the beginning to how it ended and she understands that it is okay to miss or remember someone you have lost. Also, she will make sure you will be never at fault when you are discussing your failed relationships.

3. The crush you can’t stop thinking about

Obviously, after the crying and missing, you will move on and you will find someone. Your girl gang will be there to get you all hyped up. You guys can discuss how he looked all day, they will help you stalk him on social media and they will be the ones teasing you whenever he comes in front of you.

4. Blabbering about those period cramps

We all know how painful it is and it doesn’t only ruin the mood but also ruins the day. You don’t feel like listening to anyone or explaining why you missed the party. They understand you and they have got your back. Also, when you feel all the mood swings, she would be there to handle it and bring you ice cream, not your boyfriend.

5. When your self-confidence is low

Often when someone says, “You look a bit fat in your recent Instagram picture”, your self-confidence gets a bit shaken. But your girlfriends will be the ones encouraging you to love yourself more. Nothing can put you down when you have supportive girlfriends but yes they will also throw truth bombs at you from time to time.

In other words, your girl gang is your password to happiness and there is nothing in this world you cannot share with them. They are your support systems so keep them close.

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