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Diwali feels and lights are all around. Diwali is a festival to celebrate the triumph of good over evil. This year has all the more reason to celebrate Diwali as we have triumphed to keep our spirits high amidst the pandemic. Although, it is very important to stay within our homes and celebrate this time. The bright side is the whole family will be together. So let’s start the festivities with some amazing ideas on how you can celebrate Diwali this year differently.

Hang the beautiful decorations



Cleaning and decorating have always been basic traditions in Diwali. This year is no different only we cannot go to the shops to buy decorations, so we have to resort to online decor stores. But another fun idea would be bringing out the creativity in you and trying all the DIY decorations and crafts you have been binge-watching all this time. There is so much to do, colourful rangolis, paper lamps and decorating the house.

Send your gifts digitally


Social distancing doesn’t mean not getting your loved ones Diwali gifts. There are specially curated Diwali Hampers available online and even customised sweets and chocolates which are so fancy and yummy. Ordering online and free delivery have made gifting so easy. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your phone and start selecting gifts for your family.

What is Diwali without food?


Get in the kitchen and help your mom this year in preparing those amazing delicacies. Then have a good meal with your family.

Dress up like every year


It’s that time of the year to take out your traditional outfits and click a lot of pictures. Have the same spirit this year and flood your Instagram feed with those beautiful poses with lights. Also, get decked up to attend those video calls with your relatives and friends.

Greet your relatives on a video call


Our social life has pretty much been limited to video calls since the pandemic. By now we have gotten a hang of it and Diwali is nothing special without friends and relatives. So, connect a video call with them and pass time by playing games.



Diwali is also a celebration of gratitude and thankfulness towards Goddess Lakshmi for all the blessings and praying to keep us blessed. This pandemic, we have a lot of things to be thankful for. We realised the value of health over wealth. Be thankful for the health of yours and your loved ones. Be thankful that you can be among your loved ones to celebrate this auspicious day.

Help the needy


Diwali has always been a festival of ‘giving’ and this year needs most of it. You can bring a smile on someone’s face with some sweets and food. You can enrol with any NGO and donate money to the less fortunate family so that they too can celebrate Diwali happily.

This year every celebration will be different but make the most out of it. Keep in mind to stay at home and celebrate a digital Diwali. May this Diwali bring happiness, prosperity and hope. May you have a happy and safe Diwali.


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